FS Orvis~ Lamson~ reels ,clearance & assorted lines


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Thanks for looking. Season is over for us. Closing up and cleaning out the guide area.
so we have a bunch of items
left to right
~ sci angler pro wff5 demo used at the school 18.00
~ Wulff tt wff5 ,,my own , 16.00 used but plenty life
~Rio light touch trout wff5 ,used ,plenty good 18.00
~ cortland wf10i hd333. Like new 18.00
~ orvis pro trout ,,never fished. Wff6 ,,nice line ,18.00
~ 0rvis wff7 like new. 20.00
Picked up n h or add 5.89 shipping

*******Reels All come with new backing ***. Picked up n h or add 7.89 shipping.
Orvis batt ll. Light use my own ..110 disc
~ orvis batt lll. New ,,display case. Disc 125
~ Lamson konic ,never fished ,demo 115
~ orvis hydros new model in box - 179.99 ( 9.89 shipping on the hydros )


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Thanks. Konic is a size 2 5/6 wt ...I believe it’s the original konic. But never fished. I used it in the casting school
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Road. It does not say warm water or cold on the tag. I don’t believe they made it in warm or cold designations... it was set up or was suppose to be a 10 wt rod for albie. Cold water. ..if it was used. It might have been once ..I sold the reel it was on earlier this yr


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What model number is the Orvis Hydros? Do you have one or two of these reels? Saw that there are two Orvis boxes in the pics.


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