Which of these places is hot for salmon this week?


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Hi, I plan on a salmon fishing trip in the week of 10/11. I'd appreciate it if any one can share with me if any of the following places is good this week: (I fish from the bank)

1. Skagit river in Concrete area.
2. Bogachiel river at Bogachiel State Park, right by Highway 101.
3. Hoh River at Hoh Oxbow Campground, right by Highway 101.
4. Quiyallute River near Mora, 3.5 river mile from the estuary, at the boundary of ONP
5. Where Bogachiel and Sol Duc meet.
6. Hoh River near Oil City, 1.0 river mile from the estuary.

I've been to all these places, camp there 1 or 2 nights each time, as I'm from Bellevue. Quite a ways. But despite my diligence, I just skunk every time, 4 years now, sadly. So, any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Having spent (wasted?) an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out coho on rivers in NW Oregon and SWW over the last 40 years, it pains me to mostly agree with that statement. That said, there is a rather large degree of truth variability, dependent on river system, coho strain, water conditions, fishing pressure, weather, time of day, and last but not least, ouija board predictions.

The worst lockjaw silvers of all have to be a toss up between Clackamas and Kalama A-run coho. Fuck both of those runs. Wish I could get those wasted fishing days back to spend on something worthwhile like carp (not really joking, carp are a blast).

I take exception when it comes to specific late (N-type) stocks that begin entering local rivers about this time of year. Chrome and snappy. Having seen these fish rise up to smash a fly barely a foot under the surface, I now carry a few flashy skater/wog type patterns. There's one riffle in particular that I keep waiting to find moving fish at the right water level, where I'm sure they'll crush a waking surface fly.
What distinguishes the N and S types?


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What distinguishes the N and S types?
IIRC, in hatchery jargon it refers to the direction the smolts turn when they reach the ocean. "N" for North, "S" for South. S types return earlier in August and Sept. Often with rivers still at summer flows. N types return when the rivers are cool and fresh, and much better fishing.


Thank you all! Looks like the water is too high for the rest of the week. Maybe next week?

Here is a more general question: For Skagit and OP rivers, when does the salmon/steelhead season end? Mid November? I've been diligently fishing these rivers for some years (except this year), but just can't catch anything. Very frustrated.
Skagit is good just fish above the Sauk. PM me if you need a couple spots.

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Sauk! Almost forgot about it. Fished Sauk River several times while camping in the steelhead park in Rockport. There are several easy accesses for bank fishermen. Thank you for the pictures, looks like it's pretty good now. Definitely worths a try. Thank you.

FYI the Sauk is closed to salmon fishing.

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