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No experience but after your post and my google search Made In is the superstar in my add feeds.
I cook with allot of carbon steel pans and have some pretty nice ones as well as a couple that were cheap. I still have the urge for one of those custom blu pans that are WA local. They are all steel. Thickness and design are what you are looking at. Without actually looking at them, I dont like the high sides or high handle.

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In my opinion, out of all the newer direct-to-consumer cooking companies, Made-In is the superior option. Some of the other brands out there are made pretty cheaply. From what I’ve been able to tell, Made-In is better quality, used by lots of actual pro chefs, and has a lifetime warranty. Their carbon steel line is made in France. Their non-stick frying pans in the USA. Their stainless clad line is made in both Italy & the USA.


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Been using a Made-In carbon steel pan for about a year now. LOVE IT! View attachment 261774
Oh seeing that's a trigger. For several years I worked the saute' station at Ivar's on the Pier. Endless wheel with 8 pans in front of me. Someone threw a chef's knife in my sink one night, and Harborview had to sew 1/2 my thumb back on.
Those look like nice pans,
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