Oldies, but Goodies (People and Equipment)


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This past season I have camped more than I have in the last 10 years. My "clump" of fly fishers includes about a dozen old guys like myself and we often rent a cabin together in many varied locales for fishing purposes. This year, with COVID, that was not possible, nor recommended. So, what we did was change to tent camping in a group. We rent tent sites in various state parks in our New England region and everybody brings their own tent for sleeping. We do sit "around" together with proper distancing and in general have found a way for old guys to get outside without a viral problem.

Anyway, I have been camping in various places for over 50 years and just want to give a shout out to Coleman. I have my original duel fuel lantern and backpack cookstove. They are simple products which have given excellent long time service. I do keep a couple of sets of mantles for the lantern in the case, but (so far) there has been no other issue. I have made two accommodations to modern products as I now use a popup LED lantern inside the tent and LED flashlight to find the head at night. In addition, I use an air mattress to keep off the ground.

Other than that I am still camping as if it was 1960


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Awesome! I love the escape from pavement, crowds and trailers with tent camping.
I still use a coleman stove and lantern.
Thou mine are newer than the 60's.
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Have a couple of the older white gas ones that were passed down but usually go with the convince of propane with the ones I use.
What I think is a funny story/maybe not. Had a nice old duel fuel lantern handed down to me that I took out in high school camping on one of those party weekends. I remember trying to set up my dome tent up prior to passing out and waking up to a hole the size of the tents entrance in the opposite side. Still dragging that lantern around with me, almost 30 years later, thinking that I will get all that melted plastic off it at some point.

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