NFR At around 10:15 a.m., Thursday, tsunami sirens will sound off with the actual wailing sound, not the typical Westminster chimes that occur as part of


As a seven year old in 1957 was pinned by a china hutch that had toppled over during a San Andreas rumble whose epicenter was ten miles away in Daly City, CA. Had been laying on the floor reading a school lesson when it hit, only thing that likely saved me from serious injury was a coffee table next to me that momentarily took the brunt of it until collapsing. My skinny eleven year old sister showed up shortly after and somehow wrestled and shoved the damn thing enough so I could crawl out, needing stitches.
Flash forward to October 17, 1989, our than 11 year old son was at the World Series game three at Candlestick park with his little league team, son hanging over the railing on the upper deck, yelling and clapping waiting for the game to start when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, his coach standing nearby lunged and grabbed him by the collar as my son's feet left the deck.
When our son finally made it back to our coastal home where we were waiting anxiously with our other two children and he told us what happened, picked him up and hugged him so long he started complaining about it...and the next day dropped off a trunk full of fine beers at the beer loving coach's house.

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