Victor, ID in two weeks for 4 days. Mainly dry fly, streamer, or both?

Mark Kadoshima

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First time to Henry's Fork area and couldn't really find much info on late fall fishing the rivers. I was going to bring a 4, 5 and a 6 wt rod. Wasn't sure which one I should back up though as I like to do a little hiking and can see myself breaking a rod....(going to try my homemade bamboo rods, and don't completely trust them to not break!)
I'm also frantically tying up some streamers, but wasn't sure if there were any dry flies I should also work on.
Thanks for any help,
PS....should I try to talk my buddy into us driving up to the Bitteroot river area? We're based in Victor every night.

Mark Kadoshima

Active Member
Fished the South Fork of the Snake Wed and Thurs with really good results (at least for me) all on streamers. Oddly, caught a whitefish on a dry fly too.
Fished the Madison up in the Park today,. Not a lot of luck, couple of really small browns, but what gorgeous country. Had a great time wading in warm water with pretty mild temps.
We have to try the HF no matter what....just we'll be out there tomorrow, then the long drive home Sunday. Might try Silvercreek on the way back if time allows. far the bamboo rods have been working fantastic. The 6 wt had a little trouble casting those massive streamers, but it managed a 18 inch brown just fine and a pretty good sized cuttbow.
Idaho hospitality has been fantastic.

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