Grand Ronde Report 2020


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Just got back from 5 days on the Grand Ronde. Very low fish counts and lots of anglers flooding into the area searching for chrome. Talked to many fly fishers who either got skunked or were happy with a few fish over many days of fishing. The fish checker who covers both Washington and Oregon said 5 fish landed two days ago of 45 anglers checked. We did see some exceptions with gear guys finding fish trolling shrimp and one group from Utah who landed 4 on their last day. Fish checker said the bridges were good places to hunt chrome. We did land on nice fish using a guide from Scott O'Donnell's Speywater Lodge in Troy. Check out the nymphs we discovered that are working today.


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Wow, 5 fish for 45 fishermen! It wasn’t that long ago when I fished the Ronde one guy could hook 5 fish before lunch.

Nice looking fish. Those Ronde steelhead look like the perfect summer run fish should.

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