Tropical fishing location good for non fishing spouse.

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I'm looking for tropical saltwater fishing where I can take the wife where she can get out and do things while I fish. Any suggestions?


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Disclaimer: I have not fished the Maldives (yet), but I've been told wives are happy there. Fishing packages seem to be $3600 - $4000, but varies with shore wading vs mothers ship operations and quality of lodging.



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My other half who really was not taken by fishing but enjoyed boat time occasionally was always up for a trip to Belize.

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Surprised our Hawaii-based members haven't chimed in. Haven't fished there yet, but I usually play golf one day a trip, and there's been plenty to do for my wife on Maui (Kaanapali area) or Oahu (Waikiki area). If you're planning to go in winter, on Maui she can sit on the beach or lanai and watch whales (or do a whale-watching boat trip) out of Lahaina. Plenty of other options as well.

Phil Fravel

How was the fishing?
It was my first time Bone fishing and I did it DIY. I landed 2. But learned a ton and got better with each day and tide

Most miss leading thing was I caught one on my first cast on first day. Just lucky. The next day I was skunked and on the 3 day I got my biggest


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You can come to Hawaii now if you get tested before you won’t have to quarantine. The water has now cooled off and I got a bone yesterday.
I really enjoy baja and my wife and family love it as well. Big fish lots of great food and plenty for your wife to do, plus it is pretty cheap.
You can always go to New Orleans for red fish. I am sure your wife will have a good time in the Crescent City.

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