Tropical fishing location good for non fishing spouse.


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I just did Key West with my bride and had a blast. Plenty of stuff for her to do during the day, and we're in a great town for dinner/drinks in the evening. Even got her out on the boat one day to run back into the everglades with Capt Steve Friedman. She caught snook and a baby tarpon on light gear. Great fun.

We had planned to go to Cabo but covid killed that. Still want to do that one too as my buddy raves about it for a combo fishing/spouse trip.

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Surprised our Hawaii-based members haven't chimed in. Haven't fished there yet, but I usually play golf one day a trip, and there's been plenty to do for my wife on Maui (Kaanapali area) or Oahu (Waikiki area). If you're planning to go in winter, on Maui she can sit on the beach or lanai and watch whales (or do a whale-watching boat trip) out of Lahaina. Plenty of other options as well.
Hawaii fishing is not all that good. For a warm water destination, it kind of sucks actually.

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depends on what you want to fish for and price. but i would really look at the pacific coast of costa rica, fish for roster fish and other inshore fish and maybe do a day offshore. super safe great lodging and down right great fishing but its not a typical fly fishing destination


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Hawaii was pretty good yesterday afternoon. My son got two bones and a nice trevally. I got two surgeon fish, impossibles. All of these in two hours on an incoming tide.


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What does your wife like to do in her down time. That might help drive locations.

This will be the first year I do not go to Hawaii at least once since 2007. It sucks but even though I bring a fly rod or two every time, the fishing will not be the first, second, third or 10th thing I will miss most about my trips.


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Cabo has been great to me, get a hotel on the pacific side, I like the finesterra and go out early and fish the surf, I fish for 3 hours and get back to the hotel room as my wife is waking up and spend the rest of the day together.
My friend Chris owns this place in Belize. Might be too big for you, but, you can swim and catch bonefish right off the deck. Some good local culture in walking distance. Chris can also hook you up with guides that he uses if you wanted to do that a few days. He is a very experienced saltwater fisherman, and is a badass dude! Having done a few saltwater trips, its fun to go out with guides a few days, and then try for yourself. You will find the guides are almost indispensable, but when/if you are able to stalk and catch a bone on your own its an unforgettable experience.


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