Is there a lazy solution?


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Hmmm, I agree with Steve Kokita, I would just carefully remove the cork all around the metal hood, smooth the edge of the cork, and you are off fishing. Your OP was about a lazy solution, other than that I would replace the whole handle since most of the solutions included before may not work given how large an area of cork is missing and how thin it would be given the metal hood, as opposed to say if the chunk missing was over the rod blank.


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Cut off all the existing cork.. ream out the handle you want to use then cut it in half along it's length, carefully glue it around the blank with an expanding glue. New handle...
Rob: Thanks; I thought about this same procedure but was worried about fashioning the hood that accepted the reel seat. Have you performed this before with good results?

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I think it really depends on what your expectations are with the final result. If it were me I would 'ease' into the repair. As @Steve Kokita said, cut off the cork in a circular fashion, soften the new edges, to make it look okay and try it out. Does it look okay and feel right? If not, then you could just add a cork ring to the handle to replace what you cut off. A logical next step since you have already did the preparation for this approach is form/shape a cork ring to your liking, cut in half, glue it up, finalize the shape and fit and see how that works for you. If those do not work then you will probably be into a major repair - not a lazy solution...
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Rob: Thanks; I thought about this same procedure but was worried about fashioning the hood that accepted the reel seat. Have you performed this before with good results?

No never done it.. you can get preformed grip with the end already bored out for the hood.

I however have split cork rings to repair handles.
But that requires shaping the piece which means taking off the guides to put it in a lathe.

A better idea might be to cut out a pie shaped piece snap the rest of it in place then glue the wedge back in place.. again this is theoretical. But it should be pretty easy to perform in reality and might be easier to keep it lined up than two halves.


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Ouch....that’s quite a chunk missing! Does it bug you? Is this a spendy rod? :confused: Another quick fix, you can carefully cut the rest of that cork ring straight exposing the hood and leave it or paint it black....round over the edge of the cork.
That's what I would as well. When done, wouldn't really be noticeable.


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I think the perfect lazy solution is to leave it as it is. The missing chunk of cork is just part of the patina of a used rod. That missing chunk is no hindrance to the rod's function, unlike if a chunk of cork were missing from almost any other location on the rod grip.

If you absolutely have to do something because the rod's aesthetic appeal to you is now diminished, then Mr. Kokita's advice is the next best solution to just leaving it alone.

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I agree with the trimming off of the section around the hood.
IIWM, id order a replacement grip which has a cutout for a reel seat, and trim it off the inlet section in the desired width, then cut it in half, like the halves of a shell. epoxy in place and and then sand out any excess epoxy.

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