Trip Report Diamond Lake October 2020

Arrived at Diamond Lake last week.

Caught and released this 19" Brown on Thursday. Down by the Pizza Parlor. Took a Purple Leech.
Diamod Brown.JPG
Caught & Released this 20" Rainbow on Friday near the Diamond Lake Campground South Boat Launch. It also took the Purple Leech.
Diamond Rainbow.JPG
Caught this 17" Rainbow on Sunday afternoon near the Thielsen View Campground Boat Launch. It took a GoldBeadHeadGreenCareyBugger.
Diamond Rainbow#2.JPG
I landed a total of 18 fish for the trip. No Tigers, the one Brown, and 17 Rainbows. Most fish were 15"-16".

It took until Saturday to figure out what the fish wanted. I dredged from my memory bank a trip in July 2008 where I was not catching much until I went out into deeper water(35 feet) and long lined a GoldBeadHeadGreenCareyBugger on the last morning and caught a nice limit(back when I was harvesting fish) of big trout. That technique worked again on Saturday and Sunday.

Water temperature was 55-56 degrees all days. I would classify the water condition as fair due to the algae in the water. Coots had stirred up a lot of weeds at the south end of the lake.

I was missing some gear from the September escape from the Diamond Lake(Thielsen) fire, and because the campground has been closed since then was hoping it might still be there. I parked in the Pizza Parlor parking lot and walked the 1/4 mile to where I had been camped. Sure enough; 4 spikes that held the carpet to the ground at the bottom of the camper steps(I had ripped the carpet out in my haste to leave), 5 screw eyes that secured my grill windscreen to the picnic table, 1 twelve foot heavy chain with 2 Master Lock padlocks that I secure my generator with(I had overlooked that laying in the weeds of my campsite), and the flag I clipped to a tree branch that denoted where my campsite was from the water view.

I normally do a Sunday-Friday trip but the weather forecast was better for a Wednesday-Monday trip and the prognostication didn't disappoint. Beautiful sunny weather with little wind. What breeze occurred was just perfect for wind drifting! It did get a little chilly overnight with lows in the 30's but the catalytic heater kept the cold at bay. I was somewhat concerned about getting a campsite as only Thiesen View Campground was open with just 60 campsites. I was surprised to find no more than 10 campsites occupied on my arrival Wednesday afternoon, and got a great site near the water with good separation between adjoining campsites.

A few nice photographs from this trip.

Drifter at shore just before sunrise(thank goodness that was just before 8AM)
Diamond Lake Sunrise.JPG

Sunrise over Thielsen.
Thielsen Sunrise.JPG
Thielsen in the clouds.
Thielsen Clouds.JPG
This was a great ending to my 2020 fishing season!
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Robert Engleheart

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Looks nice, good to hear not a lot of damage. We’re you camped up there and evacuated? Should be some big Tigers up there in a couple years; I’ve caught them up to 34” in a nutrient rich spring creek.


Certified Curmudgeon - GET OFF MY LAWN!
Looks nice, good to hear not a lot of damage. We’re you camped up there and evacuated? Should be some big Tigers up there in a couple years; I’ve caught them up to 34” in a nutrient rich spring creek.
Yes, we were advised of a Level 3(leave immediately) Evacuation between 2:30-3AM on September 9th. I'm not at all happy with the USFS as they were aware of the fire the previous morning which had started within 2.5 miles of where I was camped.

They didn't notify anyone in the campgrounds with a Level 1(get ready to leave), Level 2(get set to leave) notification. I realize that they were busy fighting other fires but if the wind had been blowing out of the North we would have been toast.

There are big Tiger Trout(and Brown Trout) already, but I have a concern that people are harvesting them along with the Rainbow Trout.

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