FS 13’ NRS Raft, trailer, frame, frame parts $2500 OBO


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13’ NRS REVOLUTION RAFT - They only made the revolution for a year, the cost of the material doubled making it too expensive to produce. It’s really tough material, no holes or tears. The dimensions are similar to an Otter. It does have a factory defect in the floor, but has no effect on rowing, it just looks weird. One carry handle is broken. I also have the Thwarts, in new condition. Would sell the raft separate for $1500.
Recretek frame-center section only
12x7 flatbed trailer w/ roller - MS metal works, needs some love and a good home!
$2500 obo

I also have some raft frame parts: new Recretek aluminum front casting brace with diamond plate floor. Wood decks for raft floors, rear section anchor and seat mount, swivel seats. All old Recretek stuff

thanks! YT


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Location is Tacoma. Trying to respond to a bunch of PM’s. Working with weekend (Brrrrrrr!) earliest I could meet any one is Sunday night, but next week is better.

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