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the combination of the thin mono & 1/4, 3/8 ounce jig allows the jig to drop fast when the rod tip is lowered or dropped really that gives the jig it’s falling & rising motion that the fish attack. Not really possible with fly line. At least not the same vertical rising/falling steady motion. And that’s the trick it has to be steady at the same time as your reeling it back towards you. So the jig is not only moving up & down but swimming back to shore. Very tough to achieve with a fly line unless you’re in deeper water like from a boat. You can mimic this technique on rivers with deeper pools but then the jig fly is a bugger to cast. One thing I would try is using the sequin in front of the fly to get erratic motion. The Danish sea trout guys use this plastic cone thing in front of the fly to get some very nice wiggly motion. I want to get some myself & try it on Salmon. Try a cone head fly on maybe a sink tip line, intermediate lines, or a type 3-4 full sink line. A fly tied with rabbit, marabou or even flash might work. It’s got to be wriggly & have movement. Also try some scent on the fly like herring, anchovy, shrimp etc. works better on rabbit fly’s. With coho I always say bring everything you got including the kitchen sink. You never know what will work on certain day or hour. Up here on the Snohomish River the guys bring everything in their tackle box cause no one knows what they will bite on — when the river is open of course. Hey at least you have fish there & if’s open for fishing.


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Sorry not to respond earlier as I have been fishing! Not sure if you ran into me or RD at your local coho fishery but I did bang about that many fish with other guys throwing spinners and flys to no avail. You can not toss a jig far enough with a fly rod and risk serious damage if you hit your rod or head. Was this the jig you saw? The good jig guys use different line and smaller jigs. Guys can actually cast small jigs due to less aero. It is really about distance since folks like to wade to their chest instead allowing them to mill closer. These are 3/8 or less. Tie in your vice with random materials and thoughts. I also like a bubble gum color squid cover for ease. Why not, this is what the spinner folks use on their vibrex. The fish hit on the drop. PS Spinners do work, mainly in morning or worked good a when they first arrived to beach....and a tungsten cone small pattern will give you similar jig action. Just tough to get them close. I take a spinning and fly rod with you for change on situation. The fish are moving shop. Message me if you want to discuss.


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I've done this with jigs and very heavy flies using fly rods in water about forty feet deep. I just tied on a longer leader of about 20' and vertical jigged from a boat. Lots of fun for bottom fish.


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So can I assume if I want fish around SouthCenter I should go to the Seafood Market, Would I have better luck the further North I go? Having a tough time figuring out the timing of fish.


So can I assume if I want fish around SouthCenter I should go to the Seafood Market, Would I have better luck the further North I go? Having a tough time figuring out the timing of fish.
As far as I know.....fred Meyers gets theirs on Thursday and Safeway gets theirs on fridays, but I’m not saying it’s credible because I’m on the internet :)

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