Beautiful Autumn Day 10/22/2020


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Spent a day on a well-known, central Washington lake and the weather was just about as nice as it gets in October. There is still quite an algae bloom all over the lake, but as the lake cools down the algae should disappear. The fish were relatively few and not being very cooperative:

Fish Size Distribution 2020-10-22.jpg

But, the larger fish had very good girth (like this 20 incher shown below) and even the 12 and 13 inchers had good girth and fight for their size:

IMGP5555 20.jpg

Even caught a 17 inch brown, which looked better than most browns I've caught at this lake before (they often are thin and snakey):

IMGP5553 20.jpg

The reduced planting rate has made the lake more difficult to fish, but I think it is helping produce some quality fish, the likes of which we seem to be missing at some of the other "quality" lakes.

Only 4 fishermen on the lake on this day, so it wasn't very crowded. The autumn season is usually less crowded than the spring season.

So nice to have a peaceful, serene day on a lake that has some of the most spectacular scenery in all of fly fishing.



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