FS HoloFusion DNA Bush Pig Saltwater Flies


Clearing out my brand new unused Saltwater DNA Bush Pig flies due to cancelled trips. Comes in size 6/0, 2/0 and 1/0. Colors are Chartreuse, Mullet and Bunker. All flies are tied on Mustad Saltwater hooks.

Photos of the actual flies are as follow :

1/0 Chartreuse

1/0 Bunker

1/0 & 2/0 Mullet

6/0 Chartreuse




Will sell only in packs as follow :

1/0 Bunker, Pack of 5 flies. $22 shipped
1/0 Chartreuse, Pack of 5 flies. $22 shipped
1/0 Mullet, Pack of 5 flies. $22 shipped
2/0 Mullet, Pack of 5 flies, $25 shipped
6/0 Chartreuse, Pack of 5 flies. $30 shipped

all flies had been sold. Thanks

Please send me a private message or contact [email protected] for enquires. Higher resolution photos available on request.

Thanks for looking.
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Richard E

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Dang, working during the day so I couldn't check the site, and I missed out on these awesome DNA Bush Pig flies! I would love to have owned some of these "smaller".

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