Aussie fishing vids on Youtube just upped the game


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Anyone else think that cam placement at 2:20 is totally inappropriate for the direction the rope is attached?
Interesting catch. I didn’t follow the whole rigging sequence that closely on first run-though.... wanted to get to the fun (fishing) stuff. The placement isn’t exactly ideal, as were the rope loaded the cam would rotate into a funky flared location. Further along in the sequence, it appears that he was just setting up a line to hang gear bags between the cam and what appears to be his one and only good anchor bolt. Not that there's anything wrong with that....


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This particular episode was fantastic. It is pure joy watching these guys hang and catch the crabs and so on. I spent six weeks in an Aboriginal health station in Alice Springs doing outreach primary care in remote communities. This vid was such a reminder of that time. What they don't explain is "Mens business." You can see see how they are fishing only with the boys and young men, and when they do the beach fire it is still only men and boys, no women. Aboriginal culture is divided deeply like that, although Womens business is also spent in gathering food. These guys do a really good job in respecting the tribe's traditions, encouraging the boys, being respectful, and having an awesome time etc
That was so well done. Such an interesting culture with a unique set of values and traditions. I have done two trips to the Northern Territory which included two visits to Kakadu NP. One of our guides, Ian Morris, grew up in an Aboriginal community in the NT and taught school there for many years. He was one of the founding rangers of Kakadu NP and has continued to train the park rangers, often members of the traditional landowners in the region. His stories of the culture and history, such as the rock art (at least as much as he could share or had been told) was amazing.
Thank you for sharing that video, WB.


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Anyone else think that cam placement at 2:20 is totally inappropriate for the direction the rope is attached?
Sort of, but that's a pretty bomber #3 that isn't going anywhere. I was more worried that his harness biner wasn't locked on the ascent (hard to tell though), plus he used a pretty inefficient ascending system and should have tied his bag in short before he left the ledge. Grim times that thing rolls off the ledge before he hauls up the slack.


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Dammit Boot! I have better things to do than get sucked into Youtube videos. Amazing, very well done stuff. Now, I just need to convince the wife were moving to NT Australia. ;)

OK, maybe a just a trip for spanish mackerel on fly rod poppers.

Thanks for sharing.

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