Fishing Lone Lake on Saturday. any one want to meet?


~El Pescador
as long as I don't imbibe too heavily on Halloween.
If I do go, I plan to be on the water no later than 10:00.


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I was on Lone two days ago. Very busy with many locals from Whidbey. The water had a lot of color, very brown with poor visibility. I managed to land some really spectacular fish on a small black leech (Black hale bopp) but the fish were not exactly jumping in my boat. Not too many guys having luck with the chronomids maybe due to the dark water. Good luck!


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Lone is home waters for me. I live 15 minutes away. I’ve fished it nearly daily since it reopened Oct.12.

It’s been hot and cold for me. But my most consistent pattern has been a balanced leech tied with flesh color bunny strip silver bead head fished 5’ under indicator. I fish it with blood worm dropper which takes fish as well.
F86EEB70-06A7-4193-8DBF-57D10931C5E3.jpeg E7CFD848-E9A4-4F4E-9F4F-1E507BB74063.jpeg
Trolling off white leeches once again flesh color bunny strip tied zonker style silver bead head produces fish. But I hate trolling unless necessary. Prefer watching bobbers being pulled under.


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Wish I could go.. have to work on Sunday although I'm trying to dump my shift so I can watch the Seahawks.. but I would go fishing instead!!


~El Pescador
nope. the jeep decided to spring a leak in the radiator on Saturday.
Plus, as I thought, I stayed up really late on Halloween night.
Too bad, as the weather was spectacular.
white flies have done well for me on Lone when it is really cold.
Otherwise, the Hale Bopp in black or olive does me well.



~El Pescador
as my updated title says - I AM fishing Lone tomorrow.
decided against Rocky Ford.
see you on the water if you come out.


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