What is the heaviest sink tip you have hooked a steelhead on?


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That's a really good point. I think maybe another thing perception that's seemed to wildly shift these days is fly size. I started fishing in the age of giant flies and intruders, but the more and more I read from the anglers of yesteryear and contemporary steelheading, "small" flies, once the norm, seem to be somewhat forgotten in the modern steelhead world, especially in winter..... replaced by giant hackle and feather props, rubber legs, entire bags of flashabou and half a rabbit hide.

I'm lead to believe that fishing big flies won't lead to more or bigger fish versus smaller ones, but moreso they attract anglers who can see a giant fly full of ridiculous swimming motion and feel confident in it.

Agreed - flies are a big one I think. Its also interesting to think about the size of some modern flies compared to hardware/gear. Are dudes all of a sudden chucking blue fox lures with 5" blades? I haven't seen that.
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