FS Rare Enrico Puglisi/Magrini handmade vise


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I am not sure how many of these exist. I am sure it's not many. This one is numbered 00002.

This vise was handmade in Italy by machinist Graziano Magrini... You can find his website with the help of your favorite search engine.

This is a piece of precision machining in a classic Italian style (reminds me of Italian winemaking machinery). Full rotary, highly adjustable and configurable. Comes with an extra rotary control if you prefer the larger wheel to the lever. All high quality brass, stainless and aluminum. The base is ingenious. The finish work is superb. The jaws are blued tool steel and have grooves for larger salt hooks similar to Regal jaws. This vise is the work of a master.

I am only selling because I ordered another somewhat similar Magrini vise back in the winter and don't need both.

Heavy duty case included.

Thanks for taking a look.

IMG_20201101_101455.jpg IMG_20201101_102537.jpg IMG_20201101_101542.jpg IMG_20201101_101921.jpg IMG_20201101_101933.jpg IMG_20201101_102002.jpg IMG_20201101_102056.jpg IMG_20201101_102119.jpg IMG_20201101_102231.jpg IMG_20201101_102620.jpg
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