Trip Report Alpine Lake Revisited

Last week I returned to fish a lake that I had fished a few weeks ago. This time, I had the luxury of fishing from a boat and the ability to cover more ground due to an invite by @Paul_. The weather was fantastic! And for this lake there was VERY LITTLE to no wind, which is always enjoyable for me. The first pic was a waterfall that we passed on the way to where we were going to fish. The second and third photos were taken on our way back to the boat launch. The third pic does not do justice to what we actually saw, which was the moon rising from behind the mountains. The fishing was super! We fished both dry and wet flies and had success with both. I brought my Sage SP 490-2 out of retirement for this trip and had forgotten how enjoyable of a rod it is to cast. The first picture happens to be the first fish I caught and it was close to 16". The fish were absolutely gorgeous, full of fight, and very healthy. Everyone I caught gave a good fight. Between the two of us, we landed approximately 30 fish and maybe a third to 1/2 of that in missed strikes and long distance releases. Every fish I caught except for one, was caught casting. The one exception was caught trolling as I left me fly in the water while we motored to another spot. I admit that I normally do more trolling that casting when I am out in my float tube, so it was nice to reverse that trend for the day. We saw only one other person the entire day on the lake. I always find my trips a little more enjoyable in the company of a friend or friends. @Paul_ has been super in helping me to learn about this lake and with answering my many questions.

IMG_1447.jpeg IMG_1453.jpeg IMG_1454.jpeg IMG_1449.jpeg IMG_1451.jpeg

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