Optimal Fly Size/Hook Size for Puget Sound Saltwater General Use

Fly Size/Hook Size for Puget Sound Saltwater General Use

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My favorite thing about fly fishing our beaches is the variety of catch and bycatch. This year alone, I have caught sea run cutthroat, resident coho, mature blackmouth, sea run bull trout, and starry flounder from the beach.

If you fished a beach where your catch may range from 30" chinook to 12" SRC, which fly size/hook size would you utilize to fish for both? Or in other words, if you were to pick one fly/hook size to use for both salmon AND sea run cutthroat, what size would it be?

Nick Clayton

WFF Premium
Honestly a tough question to answer, as I really never target adult salmon and sea runs at the same time, but for the sake of this question I'd fish a clouser on a size 4 hook. Something stout like a Kona streamer hook an Ahrex. Those hooks tend to run a bit larger than the standard size 4 saltwater hooks. If fishing something like a Daichii 2546, I might go to a size 2.


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I agree with Nick. Happy medium would be a 4.
I tend to fish a hook size based on what I’m targeting and bycatch will happen.
For salmon, that would be a #2. Cuttthroat hook size would be 4-8 depending on the hook and pattern.
I’ve caught cutts on size 2 and adult coho on size 8.

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