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Don't know if this is the correct forum, but thought I would take a shot.

I have been to AK a few times, but have always fished using a float plane lodge as base. Next summer (if we can get in) I am planning to take my son to AK, but can't afford to do a lodge trip for two. I am looking for suggestions for places to drive to from Anchorage where we could fish by staying in local area hotel/motel. River float and/or wade trips suggestions are welcome. Also, if you have a favorite guide that would be great too. I was told to look at Kenai, but thought that there might be people here with better knowledge of this type of trip.

Robert Engleheart

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Timing is everything, generally speaking, the later in the season the better the fishing, for resident trout anyways. Kenai is good but don’t overlook Parks highway streams. Some very good lake fishing that gets ignored by many.
You can probably rent a van type camper or motor home much cheaper than staying in local hotels and eating in restaurants.
I know some guides and you’re welcome to PM me for details. As suggested above, read others trip reports using search engine.

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