Another of our greats has passed


a.k.a. Griswald
So sorry to hear this I met him at a Searun cutthroat seminar in Port Townsend many years ago along with Doug Rose two greats gone too soon RIP
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Preston and my father were lifelong friends - they went to high school together, corresponded often, hung out and and fished together for over 50 years until Pa's parkinson's prevented him from fishing.

I spent a bit of time with Preston in fishing / tying settings - he was a staunch traditionalist, and would often examine my "newfangled" ties with a healthy dose of side-eye and say, "Well, it catches fish, but..."

His writing and spirit will be missed.

Sip poured.


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RIP Preston! I only met him a few times, but it was an honor!! Fish in peace!

Dave Westburg

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I can remember watching Preston tie some amazing extended body mayflies at one of the fly fishing shows. Great guy to talk with. He's got several fly patterns in Les Johnson's book on coastal cutts. Wish I'd run into him some time on the Stilly. RIP.

Ron McNeal

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One time I was camped at Chopaka and was tying flies and struck up a conversation with the white-haired gentleman camped next door. He was telling me of his success with a callibaetis emerger, a bamboo rod and a Sylk line. After just a few sentences, having never seen or heard the man before, I asked him if he was named Preston. I just had a feeling from his published articles and writings on here. He seemed a little surprised and admitted that he was indeed. He shared one or two of his Chopaka emergers with us. They do work. He tied very nice flies among other things. RIP Preston.
His callibaetis pattern is deadly. Anytime. Not "just" during a callibaetis hatch.


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RIP Preston. I sucks to see people from the board go, but especially those that are so involved in saving the resources from our dumbass selves.


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Well, 2020 can just suck a gastric bypass right out of my anal sphincter!

I only can dream that one day I’ll leave a fraction of the legacy.


I will miss him, first met him at Hazel on the Stilly sometime in the eighties I was talking to another fly fisher from BC. We saw two gear guys drowning bait for a big salmon. We were trying to dig up the courage to tell them that it was wrong to do there. Preston pulled up and despite the fact that he was smaller than both of us He went down to them and convinced them to leave. I was impressed with his courage. I realized his love the river when I later ran into him when fishing a run and found out he was watching me one time I caught multiple cutts with out moving. He explained that I had just saw the magic of the river. I later fished many times with him on the salt. I often think about him.

David Loy

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Boy, terrible news. I barely met him at one of the Patrick’s holiday parties. An amazing gentleman. I’ve certainly enjoyed his posts here and (as Leland said) his encyclopedic knowledge on a myriad of topics.
Impressive guy. I will miss him.
Best to his friends and family.


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I recall meeting Preston once. That might have been at Patrick's. By coincidence, at the time I was living across the street from his son, Preston Jr., who is a noted glass artist. My condolences go to all his family and friends.

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