First fly rod pelagic on my boat


the Menehune stole my beer
Mahi Mahi are easily my favorite fish I've ever caught on the fly. They are the perfect exciting fight without going overboard with long, drawn out, bulldog type slogs. Just speed, aerials, bad assery, and tacos.


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It's a Razor Wrasse Salmo. Trippy fish. They bury themselves in sand like a flounder and ambush their prey. Good eating too.
Specifically, a peacock razorfish = Iniistius pavo. It is found throughout the Indo-Pacific. It is interesting that this species appears to be better known in Hawaii by its Japanese name = nabeta, rather than its Hawaiian name = lae nihi.

In the Tidal Planet episode of the Blue Planet series, bottlenose dolphins echolocate the buried razorfish (probably via resonance against the swim bladder of the razorfish) and dig them out of the sand.



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Keep posting pics you and Mems make me look forward to future trips!

I like the bail-less spinning reel great for saltwater and sand!

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