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Hello team WFF,

When a friend needs help, you help without question

Many of you know a good friend of mine, Andrew Grillos. He worked for years at Avid Angler, guided in AK, Chile and Colorado amongst many things. He's an innovative fly tyer, rod designer and a HELL of a dude.

Last week, he suffered a massive stroked and had to be airlifted from Bozeman to SLC. Prognosis is cautiously optimistic at this time, but it's super early

there's going to be months of recovery ahead, so a group of good friends have organized a couple ways to help if you're interested

Here's the go fund me that goes directly to Andrew and Autumn (his loving wife) for their medical and living expenses.

Also I've launched another IG fundraiser like we've done a few times under the tag #fliesforandrew

Drop an auction of flies, guided trips, art, gear, whatever on your IG page. Make sure to use the tag #fliesforandrew in the post. Make the auction run 7 days, and set an opening bid to get it going

Let me know I can help

Thank you all!


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He's in my thoughts! I don't know him personally, but will do something or hit up the gofund me page when I can.. thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!


The Dude Abides
Just broke 25K on IG auctions, 50K on Go fund me. We're marching to $100,000 and should hit by the 20th

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