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Save Wild Steelhead...

I'm still selling stuff, here's the new list of items. Thanks.

Regal medallion vise with square base. In nice shape. $275


XXL Simms Long underwear $25
20200924_175924.jpg 20200924_175937.jpg

Knives of Alaska, used Brown Bear set, $100
20200924_184123.jpg 20200924_184131.jpg

Islander reels with backing. LX4.8. $400 each
20201013_172916.jpg 20201013_172816.jpg

Filson Sweatshirt. size xxxl. $100
20201013_173137.jpg 20201013_173145.jpg 20201013_173157.jpg
Filson, upland game vest. Size "SUP OT"? $100
20201013_173336.jpg 20201013_173343.jpg 20201013_173358.jpg

I'm selling some items for a friend who's husband passed away in July. Her husband was 6'3 and 250 lb which made most of the items XXL. Most of the gear is in like new or new condition. I will try to post item descriptions as accurately as possible and post pictures. All items are being priced with shipping included. My friend would like to receive a check for the items before she ships the items, so some patience will be necessary.

Here's the list. Let me know if you have questions. Also if there's a better way to list/show all these items, I'm all ears. Thanks for looking.
PM me if you interested in an item. As always its first come first serve.


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