Looking for a Guide for OP Steelhead

Nick Clayton

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Trust me, when you hook into the kind of hogs I do, you’re basically at the mercy of the horsepower equivalent of a power boat. If I was on the sauce I’d have two arms out of socket faster than you can say “bobber down!”

You are a true hog wrangler. No doubt!


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A person fishing under the influence of drugs and or alcohol on a river is a fool! Rivers have no concern whether you live or die and rivers are dangerous. Besides if you read the regs it is illegal to fish under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, for good reason.

Laugh all you want and say what you may and go get stoned and then slip on a rock and find yourself fighting the current and unable to respond quick enough and you become a footnote on some river.

By all means get ripped and maybe we will read about it here and people asking for donations to bury you and help support your family because YOU were stupid. No dollars from me so get some good life insurance!

Oh by the way been there and done that and I figured it out real quick.

I hate it when I'm staggering stoned and fall in below the hatchery in December. Once I floated by 15 dudes before someone had the wherewithall to drag my ass out. I think the rest of them were drunk, though.


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I second Gary's advice. If you can't afford a good guide then don't get one. Then you can spend your guide money on booze and weed. This way if you come away skunked you won't care. I think it's a smarter use of funds. I couldn't imagine steelhead fishing in 2020 sober.

Now we are talking about some feeshin!

Brady Burmeister

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I gave up fishing while baked about 10 years ago when, after eating way too much special banana bread, it took me a solid 5 minutes to get an Owner stinger hook out of a nice lake run brown trout's mouth. The fish went back on the reel 3 times because the damn thing kept escaping while trying to unhook him. #keepemwet


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