Trip Report Late Season Lake Report (Tigers)

Trout, not Muskies.

With the border still closed, I found myself driving to Oroville with an SRB raft bound for Nolan in Vernon, BC last week. Of course I could not get through so I had to work with a broker that would serve as the "middle man".

Never wanting to miss an opportunity, we decided to stop off at a lake that I had fished the previous week while finishing up a real work assignment. I caught a bunch of tiger trout on the first trip and I hoped they would still be there. Luckily for us they were. My wife had never seen one so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show her the coloration and distinct patterns.

After bringing the first couple to shore to show her and snap a few photos, she asked what kind it was. I did not respond for a moment to see what she might say. After a bit, she said they look like a tiger and wanted to call it a tiger fish. I started laughing...true story.

Not big but plentiful. Nice fall weather and not another angler in sight, though there were a couple local youth blasting off some guns for awhile. It was a lot more relaxing after they left...they did not stay long.


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Sorry about the bio at the end of the report. Not sure how it got there and not sure how to get rid of it.


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I don't know about tiger king, though I like both musky and trout. I usually only get a couple a year. I think I landed around thirty tiger trout this year, biggest around 20". No musky. My one musky trip this year a lightning storm chased me off the water. I still think one of my prouder moments was getting that big tiger trout in Rufus Woods.

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