Boat: float tube, pontoon boat, pram.... and?


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Fix your wife a nice breakfast, fresh ground coffee, eggs over easy, homemade bread, compliment her on how delicious dinner was last night and then: "Hi, honey! Here's my Christmas wish list:"
I'm workin' on it. There are so many good options these days I'm having trouble deciding which way to go, but that super fat cat was the one I've looked at most. Thanks for the recommendation.
"But Baby, everybody else has a fleet, and Buzzy says this is the one I need. Pleeeeease." Naw, she's the best, when I decide she'll say go for it, and that way I'm out of the house, my puttering driver her nuts.
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I wrote up some thoughts on boat choices for lakes a few years back. I still have my Supercat but sold off the rest to fund a Clackacraft.


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