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Any suggestions for a good vise that will not break the bank and be an upgrade from the old Thompson A. I need something that will hold a hook and also allow me to rotate the fly as needed. Not looking to break the bank. Will consider Regal or Renzetti in used in good condition.
It depends somewhat on what you’re going to tie. I like the Renzetti for trout flies, but switch to a Regal for anything over size 8 hooks. For tiny stuff, size 20 and smaller, it’s nice to have midge jaws for the Renzetti.


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Probably nothing smaller than a size 16. Also looking to start tying some intruders for winter spey.


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If you want only one vise for everything and dont use/need full rotary function I'd say get a Regal. Watch ebay. Right behind that an older Renzetti traveler would be my second choice. Both can be found for $100-150 regularly. Regals mash barbs easier and are quicker to load/unload and give much more room around the fly and adjustment of working angle. Renzettis have the rotary function which is nice for some patterns. If you liked your Thompson but want something just a bit nicer you might also consider an HMH. I tie on one now and like it quite a bit. Jaws are relatively cheap... Space around the fly and angle adjustment like a Regal, rotary if you want/need it. Also fairly compact and nice looking. Never tried a peak but have only heard good things. Nothing holds a hook like a Regal... Only worry would be tiny hooks. Good luck.

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+1 for the regal. One of my worst decisions I have made when I sold it. I had both bases but did not use tha c-clamp very much... Comments by others are all valid and have been experienced by me and why I miss it.

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I’ve tried to like the Regal but it’s not for me but plenty others love it. I own a renzetti presentation and while it’s my favorite, the peak or griffin mongoose are both excellent and very capable.

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I own a Regal...for bigger flies...fixed and a solid bulldog...A peak rotary with base and midge jaws and a portable one a Danvise...with extra jaws because I wore 2 sets out...It original cost me $70 new so you know how long I have had it...The Regal is circa 1982...I just bought a table clamp version...then went to Alaska copper and brass in Portland and bought a hunk of 1/2" copper plate...drilled it out braised in a collet with a threaded tightener and put some neoprene on the bottom...not going anywhere once set up it's functional and sort of pretty...I have looked at so many vises as many have and for that range of $150-200 The peak was the one for me.


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Honestly. Everyone has their preference here, and everyone is 100% correct.
The Peak, Griffen, Regal and Renzetti's are all great.
I started on a used Regal (from eBay), but was only tying euro nymphs so I didn't need/want a rotary. Then I started tying big streamers and wanted a rotary function. So I sold the Regal for exactly what I paid for it and then bought a Renzetti.

My suggestion. Go to a fly shop take a look a the vices, see how they feel (dont forget to buy some flies or materials so you're not wasting their time). Then buy a used one. Tie on it for a year, if you want to try one of the other ones, sell yours buy another used one. They hold their value as long as you don't ham fist them. If you dont like that one, sell it and buy another used one until you find the one you like.

I'm on my 3rd now, and am in love with my Renzetti Presentation 4000. With that being said, the only real difference between it and the Traveler is fit and finish. Basically I paid more for it to be pretty.

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I recommend trying out the potential vises if possible. I too have tried and tried to like Regals but I simply don't enjoy tying on them. And I've reeaallly tried.

IMO the single most important aspect of any vise is that you enjoy tying on it.

Also, one disadvantage of the Regals is holding hooks at the larger end of the spectrum. Perhaps not a consideration for your needs, but if you have any thought of tying on large hooks the Regals are semi limited... at least without buying new jaws, and even their largest jaws struggle to hold large hooks in my experience, especially compared to other brands mentioned here.

My personal favorite vise that doesnt break the bank is the Griffin Montana Mongoose. It is a seriously impressive and capable tool. Holds large hooks better than any Regal. Rotary. Comes with both a c clamp and a pedestal.


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I will second the "buy used and sell what you don't want for what you paid for it" approach. This will eliminate any second-guessing and allow you to get whichever vise works best for you and what/how you tie.

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