Trip Report Cady Lake

Went there today, an alternate adventure for myself and Kfish.
We found kinda what I expected, a day of absolutely nothing , save for a great atmosphere and camaraderie.
I have not used my tube for a year or so, it was a fun refresher.
I counted 4 "fish" on my Humminbird during the day. No activity visible.
Tips are welcome :)
We both fished various depths, and presentations. I did mostly deep dredging on a sink 5 , but alternated with shallow presentation and indicator work on my ESN setup.
Silence, save for the squabbling Bald Eagles.


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Three of us were fishing Cady one sunny, warm afternoon. There was a wedding venue that day - all those steel folding chairs set up. As the service began, my friend hooked a good fish, got it near the boat where the fish swam around the anchor line. You know how sound carries across water? Tourette's on the water, a fire in the sky........
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