FS Who wants craft fur, marabou, saddle hackle and salmon hooks


The Dude Abides
whelp, I got my box from the River City Auction.....and it's astounding how much came in each lot.

With that, I'm passing on the goods that I dont need....cheap

I have over 275 bags of marabou and 200 swatches of nice looking craft fur (looks really good for trout streamers and bonefish/tarpon/permit) as well as a pile of strung saddle hackle. Marabou wise ,there's a pile of orange variations, white, some red, brown and silver dun.

Also I have a mega pile of size 2-6 salmon hooks with upturn eye and some straight eye. additionally I have some good looking downturn eye streamer hooks

$2 bucks a bag for marabou
$1 buck per craft fur swatch
$2-3 for strung saddle
hooks $3-5 a pack/25

Hit me with DM and cell number and I'll text pics



The Dude Abides
bump. I have a pile of Orange Marabou in very steelhead looking color varieties. Tons of craft fur left, salmon hooks in size 2 and 4, lots of brown strungle saddle, some other various colors of saddle hackle, brown marabou (2 packs) and a few other odds and ends

So the craft fur. It looks a lot like natural animal hair, not just solid colors. I've really never seen it before


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