Using a carbon steel frying pan? Your thoughts?


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I have two different cast iron enamel size Le Creuset Dutch ovens (and a lasagne pan too) that i love. I already told my nephew he gets them when i die. They are expensive and beautiful, but will last forever and be like family heirlooms.

I haven’t cooked with carbon steel cookware. Is it similar?

Anyway i love my Le Creuset. I had to crust meat in my Dutch oven for a special recipe and it scared me to death that i would ruin the pot. It looked so bad when i was done, but it came out great when i washed it. (The recipe was great too!)

I’ve been trying perfect my gumbo for a few years now and with this new Dutch oven i made the best roux yet last October.

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I have 2 deBuyer Mineral B pans and plan to buy more. neither Fried eggs nor scrambled stick as long as you use butter or lard. You may get a little residue sticking when browning meat but I knock that off with a stainless steel pad and do a quick re-season on the stove top. I will no longer buy a nonstick pan.
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Refined (not virgin) olive oil is the best general purpose cooking oil IMO. Butter has a much lower smoke point, but is OK for low heat cooking. Canola, sunflower and "vegetable" oils shouldn't be used for anything; they're one of the biggest problems with the western diet now.


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I used to be big on cast iron and carbon steel, but I can't be bothered with the maintenance anymore. A decent stainless steel pan is good enough for me now; give it a scrub and throw it in the dishwasher.

Teflon has no place in any kitchen, except maybe for eggs.
If you seal the pores of a stainless pan using the salt and oil method and never ever use it for anything but eggs, and only wipe it after use (no soap), it will be as slick as Teflon.

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