T WTT: Sage X 8130 for Sage X 8120 or One 8126

steve s

WFF Supporter
Hi All,
I have a lightly used Sage X 8130 in good condition. I'm hoping to trade it for a Sage X 8120 or Sage One 8126. It's a great rod, I just enjoy a slightly shorter stick for my winter work. Let me know if you have one that you'd like to trade.

steve s

WFF Supporter
Out of curiosity, what head and tip combinations did you like with the Sage X 8130?
I liked a 540 Skagit Compact on it best. It will easily throw up to a 600+ grain skagit but I tend to enjoy a lighter head on my rods. I usually pair 10-12' of T11 or T14. I have a 510 FIST that I purchased recently, haven't been able to get on the river to give it a shot. I also liked a 570ish grain skagit short, but blew the anchor a bit with the shorter head.


I have an X 8120 that I love, probably my favorite skagit rod of all time, insane with a Skagit Max Short 575.

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