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I'm working on organizing my fly tying materials. For small stuff like beads, hooks, dubbing material, etc I've been putting it into plano 3700 boxes. However I don't have a good solution for all the feathers (strung and otherwise) and furr. Wondering what ideas the collective braintrust has.

I don't currently have a dedicated fly tying space, so ideally it is some kind of container I can pack up and store in the closet when not doing a fly tying session, so things like a cabinet isn't what I want right now.



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Rubbermaid tubs or similar airtight plastic keeps the bugs out.
I made a compartmentalized bag in my food saver, then cut the side off. slide krystal flash and the like in the compartments.

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Thread tubes are an awesome way to store a lot of things other than thread. For example, I cut all my pheasant tail feathers in half and have all of them in one tube. I also use them for marabou, peacock herl, biots, etc.

I don't really use Plano boxes anymore, as they're always too big and end up wasting a lot of space. All of my beads and hooks go in the boxes below.

Everything else goes in zip lock bags.


If you don't have existing shelf space to fill, I'm a big fan of sterilite drawers. They stack as well, which is nice. I've also had good luck with the Iris craft storage. The wheels don't have to be attached, and they too can be stacked. Those drawers are ~13x13, or about the same size as the wide sterelite drawer set


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I don't have a dedicated tying room or area so I have to store my stuff in bins. Feathers in one, furs in another. Hackles in another. I have large zip bags with skins hanging in my closet. And these aren't all of them. I also tie jigs.


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