Invitation: Calling south sound fishers!!


Be the guide...
Heading out from Snohomish in an hour to fish the evening bite in the south sound area. Then I'll sleep over (somewhere) and fish the early morning bite.

I'm thowing my (Andy's :p ) 12 footer in the back of my truck. I will be rowing (no kicker and only electric troller) so no long runs...

This means I need YOU :beer2:
You help me haul the boat down the beach and I'll help you get away from the crowds a little :thumb:

Any takers? Tonight or the morning or both??

Call my cell phone and we can hookup: XXXXXXXXX



Be the guide...
I left my place around 4pm and was fishing by 7. Finished up around 8:30pm and camped at dash point st park. Was on the water again by 5am and left around noon. It was more crowded than i liked, but I still had a blast once I got over it...

Jim, we were supposed to be camping for a few days on Whidbey, but my wife had some conflicts she couldn't resolve. This trip was part of my 'reward' for not making a big deal of canceling...

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