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That is a excellent choice in rods for beach fishing plus other local fishing you might do.
It is a good choice for searun cutthroat.
It will also easily handle just about any beach salmon you’re likely to hook up except in maybe a few circumstances regardless of what others will tell you.
Have fun.

Yes it is, I use mine on the Sound, and it’s a good Nymph and Streamer rod on the rivers as well.


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I am up in North Seattle and am thinking about trying Lincoln Park this weekend!
This coming week looks like it will have favorable weather and tides. There’s a chance I will be at Carkeek midweek in the morning. Just don’t know when yet.

Be sure to either ask or snoop around the site for the most productive flies to use this time of the year. Me? I’m more used to fumbling in the dark when it comes to fishing the salt.

Gary Thompson

dirty dog
Welcome aboard mate
Practice, practice, practice.
I've been casting for over 30 yrs and I'm still learning a new trick or two.


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Hope this is the best place to post - but hi!

I am new to WFF and fly fishing in general. I bought my first rod and fit a few weeks ago and hope to learn on the Sound-if you're going out and don't mind a newbie tagging along I'd love to join you (from a socially acceptable distance XD ).

A bit about me-my name is Jess and I have absolutely no history of fishing. I think like a lot of people I've decided to pick up a new hobby during this whole pandemic, and fly fishing sounded just really cool. I've done a lot of youtube-ing and online reading, but I know nothing beats just getting out on the water and practicing. Besides my new found hobby, I also enjoy amateur film photography and reading comics. I wish I had more spare time but most of my week revolves around work :( I'm excited to meet some folks and get into this hobby!

Welcome. This is an excellent source of info and a great way to connect with other fly fishers. I suggest you also get to know a good local shop. Where are you located? A shop with a sympathetic contact can save you tons of time and money getting started. Fly gear is all about matching and balancing the gear. Only experienced hands can determine this without trial and error. Nick Clayton guides the sound and is a member here. You may be able to cut allot of learning curve by booking a trip. First off though I'd get proficient at casting. Much of that can be done in a lawn with short intervals of time after work. If I can help out or give advice please ask.
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