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I'm huge Bauer fan. I only have older reels from them and have bought them all used as I couldn't afford more than one or two new. I love that they're made in the USA, and used to be made in Oregon, so it's a PNW connection. Winston bought Bauer a couple years ago and hasn't really done anything except set up/ move a production facility to MT and made for a really poor customer service experience (bounced back and forth from old shop/ owner in OR to MT.

Anyway, they just released images of a new reel, the RVR. To me, it's not good looking. I'm sure some will love the look, but I like their older reels and even the reels they made up until a couple of years ago because they were understated and classic- elegant in that way. I also noticed they will cost $700? for a trout reel? That to me is a joke. Anyone spending that coin on a reel is going to be looking at one at a time bench made clickers. My guess is they won't sell many, maybe there's a market segment I'm unaware of.



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Definitely will have to see it in person. Not super excited about all these reels coming out that look like rims for your car. The RVR definitely looks like that. Love my Bauer reel on my spey rod (one in my profile photo). Nice thing about previous Bauer reels is their classic and timeless look with modern touches and features.....Interesting direction coming from them.


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Nick Clayton

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First glance at those pics I can't say I find it all that good looking.

That said, if it performs well I really dont care what a reel looks like.

I have a Rogue 4.... probably my all time favorite reel for the sound. What a work horse!


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I’ve played with em up close at the Edison fly fishing show last year. Thought they were pretty sweet. Felt really nice in hand and easy on the eyes. The price tag made my eyes water though. hope to get one used one day at a price thats a lil more palatable.

Bruce Baker

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I got an email earlier today about the new reel. There are a some YouTube videos out about it, here is a link to what I found: Google Results Bauer RVR

I do like how they look and I see the drag knob is on the back now. I was also little shocked at the price of these reels.


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I think they look cool, but they failed with the euro model. Full frame and narrow width are what you want from a euro reel and they appear to have done neither, at least according to their marketing.
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Bring back the Bauer Rogue... my favorite modern reel of all time. Still trying to find a 4. Any color.

I think I have a Bauer Rogue somewhere around here. Maybe in storage though. I'll see if I can track it down in the next few days.


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Well at least you're not going to bust your knuckles adjusting the drag while fighting a hot fish.....
Just my $.02


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I have the sst 7 and 8 models and I’ve never had my knuckles busted and I’ve caught plenty of hot fish with them. I’ve actually come to prefer the drag on the same side as the handle. I have a couple of the rx models as well and now it feels clumsy to reach around to adjust the drag or switch rod hands and then back again to adjust the drag. i can see how the handle could get in the way on the smaller reels but if you’re using an sst3 and your line is getting ripped off the reel your gear is either too light or your drag is set to free spool...neither of which is good.


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Agree that their CS went to poo when they sold. Prior to that I have several stories of the Bauer company going above and beyond for me. God, I love my Bauer reels.


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The SST is probably the last Bauer that will look like a Bauer. I get that Winston bought Bauer to have their own reel company to complement the rods, but why keep the name if what you are building is just going off somewhere else? They'd probably get better name recognition with "Winston Reels". There may or may not be some SST's on the discount sporting goods site, and I may or may not have bought a couple. I hope the RVR is just a fluke and not the direction their design is going in. It looks like just another too-expensive "Look what a CNC can do!" reel.

It would be cool if they brought back the Rogue or MacKenzie and just kept that in the lineup to stay with the roots. You could have whatever wacky CNC design reels you want that perfectly match your Winston rod, but still have a "Bauer" reel in the lineup.

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