fishing this Sunday


~El Pescador
have it down to two locations:
Rocky Ford
Lone Lake

both have their +/-'s

Lenice is out - you can't get thru the little guys....

recommendations? meet ups?



~El Pescador
thanks for the idea wld. I'm not much of a big river guy. Rocky is my style of water flow and the access with this bum knee - soon to be fixed!


Active Member
Any reports from Lone today? Looked like a beautiful day to be out on the water. Unfortunately, I was stuck at work looking at the sunshine. I’m planning to take my 8 year old daughter out for a couple hours on Monday. Hope to get into a couple of fish.


~El Pescador
I went to Rocky. Overcast day and I fished with about 12 other people.
Who let the small fish in? They were fast to the fly and I think prevented me from getting to the big ones.
I ended the day with about equal amounts of: 10-12 inchers and 17-21 inchers.
they all took the olive mohair leech.
Fun day

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