Metolius/Deschutes Winter Camp/fiah


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I'm needing some outdoors- does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to camp during the winter for a long weekend of camping and fishing? Preference for the Descutes or Metolius. Welcome other suggestions in the NW, but needs to be fishable water in Dec/Jan.


Long ago I used to run over there to get away from the west side gloominess. I always camped at Harpham Flat up from Maupin. Decent water walking or short drive from there. If the forecast has a lot of wind in it, it can get wild there. Are you looking for hookups, or just need a place to set up?


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Call Flyfishers Place in Sisters for the Metolius; Deschutes Angler in Maupin for the Deschutes . The Deschutes is open year round in the Maupin area. The Deschutes is closed from roughly Warm Springs to Trout Creek starting January 1, 2021. It's already closed in that stretch on the river left, Warms Springs Indian Reservation side.

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