FS Block Leather Case for 4" Wide Drum Reel


For Sale: Block leather case which I've used for various 4" wide drum salmon/steelhead reels. This case is marked, "C Farlow & Co. 191 Strand London", and the photo shows it with a 4" Hardy Perfect (not included). It is in very nice condition inside and out, with light marks from normal wear, and no open seams or issues. Some loss of leather wrapping on the buckle, and the strap is in great condition.
Interior Measurements: Depth is 4 1/4", Front to Back is 4 1/4", Width is 3 1/2" including Handle Slot of 1".
As seen in the last photo, this case is slightly wider than needed for a 4" Hardy Perfect, so I cut a thin piece of foam, which I'll include, and with that the fit is excellent.
$285 shipped within CONUS using PayPal. PM or email (preferred) at [email protected] if interested. Thanks.
DSC_3704.JPG DSC_3708.JPG DSC_3709.JPG DSC_3710.JPG DSC_3711.JPG

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