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I own a pair of Orvis wading boots and was looking at buying a new pair of Korkers boots. I love the idea of being able to switch soles so easily depending on the conditions rather then having to change the whole boot. I saw mention on their website of Korkers Oversoles that are made to fit over existing boots. Seems like they'd be a great idea for ease of use and cost. Has anyone else had any experience using these Oversoles..? How do they stand up to use, are they secure once mounted over the boots..? Would you recommend getting a pair..?


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I use something similar (not Korkers brand though) for winter hiking and I am pretty sure you could scale a vertical glacier with them if you wanted to. Not sure how they perform in water as I have not tested them, but they are great when the trail is packed down to a sheet of pure ice.

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Not for wading... I'd be concerned about:
  • Weight when combined with your Orvis boots - Korkers boots are durable but lightweight and all I have to bring on long hike-ins is studded Kling-On or (heavy) Triple Threat bar cleat soles to change from the lightweight non-studded Kling-On soles I hike with.
  • Where to carry the overshoes - the soles are a lot thinner than those overshoes.
  • Those tall carbide studs were very slippery on smooth submerged rocks - I had them for my first pair of Korkers and will never use them again after skating around on basketball+ sized rocks in the Lochsa River.


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I have a pair of Korkers with the changeable soles. I like them as it only takes less than a minute to change the soles out from rubber (for hiking to isolated water) to studded felt for wading. They are a good compromise. I also have a pair of boa mounted traction cleats from LL Bean (others make similar). I have used them with "regular" rubber soled wading boots for when I do a long hike into remote ponds. I then clamp on the cleats for wading. The cleats are "ok", but the studded felt is, without a doubt, the best traction choice for wading.



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I used those for years winter steelheading in the great lakes in the 90’s. Back then studded rubber soles were rare and the Korkers were the standard for spikes on ice and slippery rocks. They are heavy for long distance walking but I have never felt more secure than these. The weight seemed to also help anchor your feet but you are far from nimble when wearing them. I still use them occasionally for heavy ice covered rivers with lots of piles of shelf and flow ice. The plastic buckle ones are better than the older metal buckled ones. They are good for putting over felt soles where snow buildup is a problem.


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Not sure about using Korkers Tuff Trax for wading boots, but I did use my wading boots to climb my roof to hang Christmas lights this past weekend. I screwed in as many Kold Kutter studs as the boots would take - worked like a charm on the 10:12 pitch roof. I didn't enjoy using the boots for that as much as I did using them in the creek today, but they worked in a pinch

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