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I would recommend Schitt’s Creek and the new season of Fargo on FX.

My wife and I will probably watch the Queen’s Gambit or the Undoing next.

Also, what HBO series have you seen? There are a bunch worth watching going back decades at this point. Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Silicon Valley, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boardwalk Empire, etc.

If you want to depress yourself, I would recommend HBO documentaries, Paradise Lost (all three), Finding Neverland, Boy Interupted, The Jinx, Something’s Wrong with Aunt Diane. These are all great plus a bunch of others but you might want to wait until summers on the horizon before starting to watch these :).
The Wire was one of the best series ever produced. Acting and script A+++


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If motorsports are your thing, the F1 series “Drive to survive” on Netflix is riveting. More drama than professional road cycling, which I didn’t think was possible. Great cinematography!
Drive to Survive was amazing .. watched the pilot. I used to work for a guy named Allen Grant who drove Shelby Cobras back I the early 1960's during the Ford vs. Ferrari days and was also profiled in a recent documentary on Shelby. You would have to have a death wish to drive a race car at 200 mph at night on wet roads at LeMans.
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Brian Chan's stillwater vids on youtube.

Good movies:
Escape fromPretoria

Steve Saville

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I started streaming The 100 and The West Wing. Just about finished with The 100 and only 90 episodes of the West Wing left. Damn it! Netflix is dropping it on the 1st so I had to buy the DVD set in order to finish it up. It will take weeks but I haven't much else to do. Other than fly tying, Christmas lights, raking more leaves, cleaning the garage, cooking, baking, and........

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