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Many of you have assisted in helping me get Layne started and we enjoyed the opportunity to pay it forward this weekend. Young man who is a relative of land owners where we fish for flatheads/deer hunt has become a good friend of Layne's this summer and wants to learn to fly fish, so we thought it was time to get him started. Layne helped him tie some flies/small jigs and we gave him an early Christmas present of a new Redington Path 5 wt. Friday night, then early Saturday morning we headed to a small stream about an hour from here where they stock trout several times throughout the winter.

Layne helped with a lesson on a few of the basics, then they both started fishing using fly and spinning gear. Stream had been hit hard since first being stocked on Oct. 28, but we managed to catch nine that were hiding in spots away from the main pools. Ended up catching most on spinning gear, but the fun part was the boys were catching fish using jigs they tied the night before. First trout, first golden rainbow, and first time filleting trout all checked off the list on Saturday.
Making memories...
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Proud Dad

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Thanks, guys. I shared your comments with Layne. Glad to see his passion for the sport growing and his excitement to have friends enjoy it with him. He spends quite a bit of time watching and learning from youtube videos and will be spending more time tying flies and jigs this winter.

Big Cat

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@Proud Dad My first solo trout fishing trip was to the Kanopolis Seep Stream. Quite a few interesting characters stacked up on the south end of the stream if I remember correctly! Looks like a great time.

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