Shaming your "buddy" ?

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Sure, I like to talk smack to a couple of my fishing buddies but since I'm more prone to forget things (have a nickname "Boots" - you can guess why) I'm usually the one getting smacked.

DK and I had a great day at Lenore fishing a 14 black ice cream cone with a silver rib; fish after fish. Day 2 Engee comes along - I'd told him what to tie up but he left the rib off. DK and I razz him relentlessly until suddenly he's catching fish and we aren't. Shame on?
"Day 2 Engee comes along" ...What? what's an Engee? I thought for a sec I lost a hunk of my life to Picks disease.

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