Browns Point

I have noticed quite a few people are hitting the Browns Point area. I have a question in regards to access. I have made a few trips down there recently to check on the action only to find a security person stationed at the gate informing me that access is restricted due to wedding or private party going on. It is my understanding this area is a public park. With the exception of the Browns Point Improvement Club facility. They have just completed construction of a gate at the entrance to the parking area with a sign stating they may restrict access when ever they want. Anybody know just exactly whats up with this?
Hey Dick I was probably up there at the same time. couple of weeks ago. They Wouldn't let me park there either but said it was okay for me to come in and fish no problem. I parked along side the road just outside the gate. Personally if you ask me the people who live around that park might just get fed up with them closing that gate and making people park along side the road.