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My best day of fishing this fall didn't involve me catching a single fish, but getting to net my son's largest rainbow (28") and then watch him shift his focus to helping another youth learn more about trout fishing made for memories that will last a lifetime.
DSC_2573.JPG IMG_4570.JPG IMG_5586.JPEG IMG_4592.JPG

A close favorite, though, would be these pictures from a recent trip where I had the fun of watching Layne pass his love of fishing on to a new friend and to see him excited when someone else is catching fish. Plans are in the works to get these two down to Dry Run Creek asap for a few fun days on the stream together. They grow up fast and I want to make the most of these opportunities. Making memories...
Layne and Blake 1.JPG
Layne and Blake 2.JPG Layne and Blake 3.JPG Layne and Blake 4.JPG Layne and Blake 5.JPG Layne and Blake 6.JPG


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It's been a weird year for me. I didn't have any great numbers days, but the fish I caught locally were nice ones. I suppose the highlight was my first trip to Montana. The fishing was a little slow all but my last day, but the scenery was fantastic, and as someone who fishes a lot of streamers, I sincerely enjoyed the break of getting tuned back into the dead drift game. Not much going on up top while I was there, so I didn't put in much effort with dries. I did catch a few very nice bows while I was there, and a couple smaller browns. Hooked into what felt like a good one, but it didn't stay on long enough to be sure. Next time....


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In late July a friend and I went to try some mountain lake fishing. The first one was kind of a dud, plenty of fish, but kind of small, nothing over 12 inches. The next day we went to a lake I hadn't been to in forty years, I remember it well, the fishing was okay for smaller fish and then I got chased off of it by a thunderstorm. I didn't remember the road being so rough and the hike that steep, but I was a younger man then. Well, the fishing was off the charts, the water was gin clear and you could see the 16 - 18 inch cutthroat coming from a long way. The first couple of hook sets I rushed it, but these fish were big, healthy and very willing. Oh, so much fun packed into a day in the mountains. Seems that is the way it is with alpine lake fishing, feast or famine. IMG_20200724_150911454_HDR.jpg


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Trudging along a small creek catching the occasional dink and bemoaning the fact that I brought my 6 weight. After catching a couple little guys on dries out of a nice hole I walked downstream to the next one and didn't see anyone rising. I gave it a few casts with a Adams then switched to a full sink and streamer. First cast I hooked a big fish that pulled hard enough for my thought process to go: "holy shit, I accidently caught a springer.....not a springer......must be a steelhead......those aren't here right bull trout??" I ended up with a 21-22" cuttbow that was a beaut. It only takes one nice fish for my day and season to be a success.

Unfortunately my solitary fish photos do not do it justice so you are left with my terrible prose.

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I've got two:
Took my 7 year old out for his first opening day. First time with a fly rod in his hand too. I'll never forget the look on his face after catching his first fish on a fly. View attachment 262015

Second one: one of my best friends in the world and I have been creekin' eastern washington for many years. He's always wanted to catch himself a big brown. Long story short, for whatever reason it's just never happened for him (despite the fact that he's a great fly fisher). He's watched me catch a few and he's caught his fair share of beautiful red bands, but never landed himself a big eastern washington brown trout from one of the little blue lines. Well, he got one this year. The stoke was off the charts after he landed this beautiful lady. Funny part - I caught the same fish in the same hole 1 year and 1 day earlier. We're eskimo bros now :)

View attachment 262018
I have caught a similar fish to that 2 of the last 3 years of fishing that steam in October. I know that hole. I let big October caddis float down from the fast water into that hole and condition myself to wait till the big mouth closes before setting the hook


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I have caught a similar fish to that 2 of the last 3 years of fishing that steam in October. I know that hole. I let big October caddis float down from the fast water into that hole and condition myself to wait till the big mouth closes before setting the hook
Yeah, that was first weekend of October. Lovely time to be there.


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unnamed creek in east Idaho. two or three mile walk in at about 11am with a backpack full of beers, waters, bear spray, and hopper patterns. caught 50 cutties 10-24", and broke off the two biggest ones. walked out at 4pm, went over to title and signed papers to buy my cabin out there, then ordered a take out pizza and remembered that 2020 wasn't all that bad after all.


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Best day on the water was on the Cedar River this past summer (gasp!) Magic hour hit, the BWO hatch went off, and for about 30 minutes we were each pulling in 14-17" rainbows and cutbows on barbless hooks just about every other cast. (Size doesn't matter right when you're having fun.) The flask of Basil Hayden never hurts, nor do fine cigars and good company.

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