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I just noticed there are prior posts with the letters, "WTF..." However, those three words came to mind after watching a news clip (KOMO) of some piece of shit 'Benz owner beating, kicking, and throwing his dog into a wall. I know this site is full of dog-worshiping owners who, in some ways, treat their canines better than their kids. All dogs want is to be loved and to please their owners. So I was beyond furious as I watched this ball-sac pummel this poor dog. I know EXACTLY what action I would have taken had I happened to be walking by and saw this taking place. With any luck, this guy gets ID'd publicly, loses his job, does time in the can with "Bubba" as his roomie. I have zero tolerance for animal cruelty and would have been more than happy to show this knucklehead what it would have been like to be on the receiving end of such abhorrent behavior. Folks, I was somewhat hesitant to post on this incident, knowing that many of us are already under more pressure and tension than usual due to life with COVID. To those, I must apologize. I guess I had to check my blow valve and was already logged on. I'm gonna go tie a few flies... got to get my blood pressure back down.

BTW, give your dog an extra hug tonight...

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