FS/T McFarland/Bill Harms 6'6 4wt Fiberglass Fly Rod


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Deciding to sell or trade my beloved Mike McFarland x Bill Harms 6'6 4wt 3 pc. fiberglass rod. This is a custom build on one of the McFarland x Harms blanks. These blanks were made to imitate the action of bamboo rods and definitely flex like so! I believe this was made with all the same hardware that Bill used on his rods. The rod is in good condition, but occasionally you can hear a little noise coming from the ferrules...they may need a little attention...probably just some added epoxy. All around this is an excellent rod and is very fun on small to medium sized streams! Comes with rod sock and tube. Willing to trade for a smiliar size Orvis Superfine Touch, Scott fiberglass, or another faster action glass rod. I am open to hear what you have to trade. I can add $ on my end for the right rod! Otherwise asking $300 plus shipping.


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