WDFW Looking at restrictions for steelhead season


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Yes, there's room for one more.
I'm booked up right now, but Kanye got a little weird this year so I may have some time next year (I'm giving him a 2020 pass). I am experienced at removing wind knots so maybe I can take of your leaders.


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Fished an OP river last weekend - don't worry I didn't catch anything. At the put-in there were 16-20 boats on the gravel bar and all launched before sunrise to anchor at a hole below the hatchery - where they stayed for most of the day throwing eggs from the boat. All the swing water went largely ignored - we only saw 1 other boat get out and fish from shore. The rest were able to leave their boat, but only to relieve themselves.

I'd love to go back next weekend and see what's changed. My guess is that it'll be the same show but with fewer folks and the boats anchored on the shore.


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Have I misinterpreted the regs or is the Reiter Ponds fishery closed this year? There is no mention of Steelhead for the Mainstem in the regs. I cannot find any articles about the hatchery not making escapement

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